What's The Keto Diet All About?


Do you have questions about the Keto Diet?  How about the Low Carb, Paleo and Carnivore diets?  I have created this website to answer those questions for you. 

This site will provide you with a comprehensive wealth of information which I curate from a range of trusted sources. Those sources include leading doctors, scientists, nutritionists, researchers, and thought leaders in the health and nutrition fields. 

I also provide the benefit of my training, knowledge and experience as a Certified Professional Coach and Food Addiction Counselor, combined with my personal experience with addiction. It’s all here.  This is not just about theory… it’s practical information that you can apply. 

What You Don't Know Does Hurt You

What about you?  Are you unknowingly locked into counterproductive beliefs?  This site provides information to dispel old myths and open new possibilities for you to explore. Enhance your success by using this site to gain new insights into old questions and to arrive at new, exciting answers and solutions.

It's More than “What” and “How”... It's also “Why”

Many people may know what to do, but do they know how to do it… or why?  To address the "What" and the "How", I provide you knowledge, tools, and strategies to help get you started and then stay on course.  I provide the "Why" to enhance your understanding and keep you motivated towards achieving your health and weight loss goals, even when the going gets tough. Less frustration! Less stress! Less disappointment!  Better results.

Would you like professional help? I provide coaching and counseling services to help guide you on your journey towards weight loss and related health gains.  And if you want to share your journey, I provide a community of others who are on a journey similar to your own.

Help... No Matter Where You Are On Your Journey

No matter if you are just starting or have been at this "weight loss thing" for years… this site provides a valuable single source of information and resources to help you manage your weight and associated health every day.  It is here to help you become informed, stay informed, and to be empowered to live a healthier life.

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The bulleted list below, provides links to explore this website more deeply.  Think of these links as doorways to new knowledge. 

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Keto Diet

Here's the Keto Diet information you need to know. What's it about? Is it safe? How do you begin? What are the benefits? It's all here for you.

Does the Keto Diet Work? Great Question. Will the Keto Diet work for you? That depends... read on to discover the facts.

How to start keto diet. It's easy to do and easy to do incorrectly. Read on to get off on the right foot and avoid false starts. 

This Keto Diet for Beginners page provides just what you need to get started with a keto diet. Avoid needless wasted time and expense. Read on. 

What are Keto diet macros? Are they important? What should you know about them? Get all the answers to these important questions here. 

Protein for keto diet... how much should there be? What happens if we include the wrong amount? Keep on track. Get the answers here.

Low Carb Diet

Wondering about the Low Carb diet? Could it be for you? This introduction provides a complete overview of low carb diets and how you can benefit from them.

Is a low calorie low carbohydrate diet right for you? Can you get lasting success with it? Review these facts before you decide.

Interested in Low Carb Diet Side Effects? My clients are. Here’s what I tell them. There may be a few surprises and there are important things you should know.

How would a Low Carb Vegetarian Diet work? Is it possible to combine the two? Would it be nutritious? Get your answers here.

This Low Carb Diet Foods list will help you make the best choices to support your low carb diet. Also learn what foods to avoid to stay on track.

Does a Low Carb High Fiber Diet work? Can you have both low carb and high fibre? What are the implications for weight and health?

Carnivore Diet

Learn about what is the carnivore diet and how it may be a great weight loss strategy for you. It seems a bit drastic, but it yields many benefits.

Wondering how to start a carnivore diet? Read this to learn what to do and what not to do to avoid the risks. Your health depends on it.


What is a fat fast? It's like a ketogenic diet in overdrive. It gets you in ketosis promotes fat burning. Weight loss plateau? Try this approach.

Try some easy fat fast menu ideas and get back into fat burning mode pronto! All the fat calculations have been done for you.

Is the 3 Day Egg Fast right for you? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Here's what you need to know. Read this before venturing down this path.

Food Addiction

Quitting sugar can be a challenging task. Learn how to improve your chance of success by engaging a certified, experienced coach to help you learn how to successfully quit sugar using therapeutic carbohydrate restriction.  Go low carb to beat the sugar monster.

Food Addiction is just as real as any other addiction. Discover if you're addicted to food and what you can do about it. It can be the key to weight loss success.

Download and fill out this food addiction quiz. See what it has to reveal and decide how you want to proceed. It's a short quiz but it is very revealing.

Food Addiction Vs Binge Eating... What is the difference? What are the symptoms? Are they treated differently? What you need to know is here.

What are the signs of a sugar addiction? How do you know for certain? What are the implications? Get the answers to these questions and more here.

Insulin Resistance

What is Insulin Resistance? Learn the answer here including its causes, its dangers and how to address it. Do not miss this important information.

Learn about Insulin resistance and weight loss.  What is the relationship between them? Which assists which? Which prevents which? Here's what you need to know.

Wondering what the symptoms of Insulin Resistance are? We discuss this here. Learn what to look for and discover the hidden truth.

Metabolic Syndrome

People ask, "What is Metabolic Syndrome?" Find the answer here. It's explained in terms and context you will understand.

What are Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms and signs and how serious is it?

Keto Recipes

Recipes for keto diet

Let me help you achieve your wellness and weight loss goals while you enjoy an array of recipes for keto diet and low carb diet.

Book Reviews

Stay current with these  Keto Diet Book reviews. Written by world leading experts, these books will provide you with detailed insight into the benefits of living a low carb lifestyle. Here you will find the best books for Food Addiction, Keto, Low Carb, Carnivore, Paleo, Whole 30 and much more! I update this list regularly.


These videos have been created by leading experts in following a low carb lifestyle.  I have provided these videos to help you sort through the massive array of videos on the internet.  These will help you stay informed about new and exciting developments and knowledge regarding nutrition, health and weight loss.

This video titled Best Diet to Improve Mental Health with Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Georgia Ede provides great insight into the impact of diet on mental health.

Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome with Dr. Ben Bikman. In this video Dr. Ben Bickman discusses how Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome are related.

Why Does Insulin Resistance Matter with Dr. Ben Bikman. In this video Dr. Bickman describes how Insulin Resistance contributes to five health issues he refers to as the "Plagues of Prosperity".

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