How To Successfully Quit Sugar

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I can show you how to successfully quit sugar. And I can tell you from years of experience, the best way to quit sugar and stay off it for good is to eat in a way that restricts the amount and kinds of carbohydrates you consume.

And I've got to be totally honest with you: quitting is really hard. You're probably sitting there with a knowing grin on your face. Maybe even nodding as you read. You've already tried and you already know how tough it is to give it up.

You know deep down that sugar is bad for your health but the cravings for the comfort it brings and the momentary energy it provides are hard to resist.

Not Just the White Stuff

When we talk about quitting sugar, it’s more than just about the white crystals in the bowl on the kitchen table. We also have to look at what other foods we consume that turn into sugar once they’re eaten.

A slice of bread (wholegrain or white) looks harmless enough, but it quickly turns into sugar once your saliva and other digestive enzymes start doing their jobs. And for a lot of people, that harmless slice of bread can create a cascade of events that lead to voracious cravings or insatiable hunger and a myriad of other health issues – physical and mental.

Where Do You Start?

Motivation is a key ingredient in planning how to successfully quit sugar.  One powerful motivator is to recognize the harm that is being caused to your body. Having excess sugar in your diet contributes to tooth decay, weight gain, inflammation and a host of related illnesses, and… increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and so much more.

And you'll be surprised at how much it zaps your energy and muddles your thinking capacity. It can make you have mood swings, and in some people, can cause aggression and irritability.  Most people don’t realize this until after they have seriously reduced sugar from their diet.

So, focusing on improved health is a great way to create motivation as a first step.

What to Avoid

Learning how to quit eating sugar is all about knowing what to avoid. Food manufacturers are very cunning. They put sugar in so many of the foods we eat. Obviously, cakes, cookies and candies are not too hard to spot. But sugar is hidden in so-called "healthy" foods as well.  These can include breads, salad dressings, condiments, and even things like canned soups and fruit juices!  Even some brands of table salt contain sugar!

And what is very naughty are the names that manufacturers use to hide the fact that there's sugar in their product. When you're reading labels, which you should be doing, look for fructose, maltose, dextrose just to mention a few examples. Here's a useful tip: If an ingredient's name ends with “ose”, it’s sugar! Here's another tip: If what you are buying has a label with a list of ingredients, it's probably not real food.

Wholesome You!

A diet which features real, whole foods will keep you well-nourished and robust. A healthy body means a healthy mind. It's much easier to deal with cravings for sugar and carbs when you are in a healthy mental state.  Unfortunately, when you consume sugar, you are not in the healthiest possible mental state.  That makes quitting sugar even more difficult.  It’s a hard cycle to break out of but it can be done.

As much as possible, eat everything fresh - some fruits, vegetables, meats, and good fats. Leave the packaged food on the shelves!

Abstinence is Key

Getting started on eliminating sugar and other high carbohydrate foods from your diet, is the key next step in a winning strategy to successfully quit sugar. Some folks use a “Cold Turkey” approach and stop suddenly, while others wean off slowly.  Either way the objective is to consume fewer carbs so your body can switch into a metabolic state known as ketosis. In a state of ketosis your body efficiently burns fat for energy instead of sugar. So, abstain from sugar in all of its forms, and your body will burn fat rather than store fat.  Imagine where that will lead!

Is it easy to do? No. But it's done successfully by millions of people all of the time. Why should you be any different? And believe me, it gets better and easier the longer you stay away from the sweet stuff.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you can just cut down sugar use without intending to eliminate it. The white stuff is just as addictive as any other substance. One taste and it's game over. It's better to just abstain. 

Personal Wellness Management

Learning how to successfully quit sugar means learning to care for yourself in other ways as well. 

Here are a few ideas.  Try some relaxation techniques, go for nature walks, and get some quality sleep. Take time to write reflections in a personal journal, make art, just doodle mindlessly, listen to music, dance... you get the idea.

Beyond knowing what to do and what not to do, dealing with cravings is an acquired skill and an on-going process. Like any new skill, it takes time and practice, so don’t be hard on yourself. 

Sometimes a little help can go a long way.  Being accountable to someone else for the commitments you make can be a game changer in your effort to quit sugar.

How To Successfully Quit Sugar

If you are motivated and have a plan in mind and determination in your heart, start by taking action now

But if the way forward is not clear for you, feel free to reach out to me for a complimentary 20-minute session to explore how I may be able to help you. I’d be delighted to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

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Now you have a number of options regarding how to successfully quit sugar. The most important next step is yours.  I encourage you to take action.

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