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A food addiction quiz can provide results showing an indication as to whether you have a food addiction problem or not.  It’s by no means a diagnosis but it can be an eye opener.

I’ve provided the Screening SUNCOPE © quiz here for you to download. It’s short, with only six “yes or no” questions. All you do is add up the score to get your result.

Depending on your score you may find out you have a problem with “sweets”. And by sweets I mean sugar, breads, pasta, desserts, ice cream, rice, basically processed carbohydrates.

Another good test to try out is the one available from IDR Labs. You fill it out online and it comes back with results immediately. It’s 25 multiple choice questions and takes about 5 minutes to fill out. Again, it is not a diagnostic tool but it will definitely give you a good indication of where you are on the addiction spectrum. Try their food addiction test here.

Taking action

Ultimately, no matter what screening tests you perform, it’s important to take action. Let’s say you learn that you’re likely someone with a food addiction. Ok, now what are you supposed to do with that information? Your next best step is to get a professional assessment and get a proper diagnosis. Without knowing for sure, it’s really difficult to know what to do.

With a diagnosis you can learn which steps you need to take in order for recovery to begin. Just going on another diet won’t do it. Being abstinent alone won’t do it. You’ll need support from people who are qualified to provide it. You’ll need a step-by-step plan and some actionable goals to help you move forward.

Food addiction is not trivial. Maybe at first it's kind of funny to label yourself a choco-holic... until it’s not funny anymore. Addiction to food is a progressive disease.

People will tell you to "eat in moderation", "just have one piece", and other such pieces of advice. That’s absolutely no help at all. If you could moderate you would be doing it now. You’ve tried and tried but for you it just does not work.

If you’re online looking for a food addiction quiz, that tells me you already suspect there’s something not quite right with the way you’re eating. Most likely you’ve tried every which way to stop stuffing yourself with junk food. But no matter what you do and how hard you try (over and over and over again) you still do what you told yourself you wouldn’t do. And how frustrating is that?! Very!!

Your intentions are to be good and to moderate.  You’re only going to have 2 cookies but next thing you know the whole box is gone. You blew it (again) and you feel like crud… physically and emotionally. But you’re determined to start over on Monday. A fresh start, that is what you need. You’ll start over and you’ll do it right this time!

No matter if the stars all line up perfectly for you on that Monday, if you have a food addiction, you’re doomed to stay stuck in the same cycle. By Friday (because it’s the weekend and you deserve a treat) you’ll be back, elbow deep in a bag of corn chips. But there’s always Monday… so you start the madness all over again. Crazy, am I right?

There is help

There is help available to you and I hope you will reach out because addiction is a progressive disease. Things just get worse and worse. In time, a single box of cookies may not be enough to satisfy your cravings. Half a tub of ice cream will lead to an entire tub. You get the idea.

For more information about getting a proper assessment visit my page and discover how I can help with your food and sugar addiction. 

It’s very good that you’re interested in learning more about food and sugar addiction. The more you know, the better. With the right information you can start making meaningful changes. Hopefully the quiz results will help you make an important decision to seek help and get on with a healthier, happier, and more peaceful life. It gets noisy in our heads when we’re always battling our food cravings and trying to control our crazy urges!

Food addiction affects much more than your weight. It affects every aspect of your life. After a binge it’s not unusual for a person with a sugar or food addiction to feel very depressed, ashamed, restless, anxious, disgusted, hopeless, and defeated. Nothing is ever hopeless. But you have to take action.

Do something about it now. You deserve optimal health and you can achieve that. You just need a little help.  To learn more about various treatment options click or tap here.

Take the food addiction quiz now

Again, here’s the quiz for you to download. Let it guide your next steps toward recovery.

And if I can help you in any way, please contact me here.

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