Low Carb Vegetarian Diet

Welcome to the low carb vegetarian diet! Someone once asked me, “Is there such a thing as an overweight vegetarian?” Yes, dear heart, there are many chubby ones out there and I was one of them. But good news! Losing weight on a vegetarian low carb diet is very possible and manageable.

Pump Up the Protein!

Are you wondering what’s the highest protein source for the least amount of carbs? I’m glad you’re thinking about that because it’s important. Some of the best options are quinoa, tofu, lentils, tempeh, seitan, Greek yogurt, all cheeses, and eggs.

Feeling Like a Potato?

When it comes to starchy foods, like potatoes, swap them out for cauliflower to save on carbs. You can roast cauliflower, boil it, mash it, and even rice it. And at a fraction of the carbs it makes a great side dish or it can be part of the main meal. I love to toss stir-fried veggies on top of a big bowl of riced cauli.

Do you feel like having spaghetti with primavera sauce? Just skip the pasta noodles and use spaghetti squash instead! You won’t miss the carby pasta and you’ll get way more vitamins and nutrients out of your meal.

If you’re a breakfast person and you eat cereal or granola with milk, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Cereal and milk raise your blood sugar to unhealthy levels. Use steel cut oats instead. Enjoy it with a side of Greek yogurt topped with a few berries.

If you MUST have bread or toast, look for high protein bread and have it in moderation.

Egg-stra! Egg-stra! Read All About It!

If your version of a vegetarian diet allows it, have eggs more often. I think they’re so versatile, don’t you? They’re not only an amazing source of high-quality protein, but they’re also packed with 13 essential vitamins and minerals! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

Cow’s It Going?

Do you enjoy dairy? If you do, that’s awesome! Cheese, yogurt and kefir are also great sources of protein and calcium and essential vitamins. Enjoy the full fat versions instead of low fat. The taste is superior, and the fat will keep you full much longer.

Look for ways to include dairy into your meals every day. For breakfast, scrambled eggs with cheese. A good lunch could be a big spinach salad topped with cubes of smoked cheddar and jalapeno Havarti. And for dinner, you could top your “spaghetti” dinner with freshly grated Parmigiano.

Any-Fin Is Possible

If you also have fish in your vegetarian diet, you have a lot more options to meet your protein requirement. Enjoy shrimp, tuna, haddock, salmon as often as you can. There’s so much to choose from!

And if you’re in a hurry, it’s so simple to grab a can of tuna, add in some mayonnaise, chopped celery and onion. Serve it with some cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes on the side and just like that, you’ve got a healthy meal.

Change of Oil

Speaking of oils… be sure to avoid all seed oils and vegetable and plant-based oil. I know they “sound” so much healthier, but they are made in a factory, are highly ultra-processed and detrimental to your health. Did I mention they are made in a factory? More on that later. Choose instead, fruit oils like avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, butter and ghee.

When you pick out a mayonnaise, read the label. Look for one that is made solely from avocado or olive oil. Or better yet, make your own!

Slimmer and Trimmer

You will lose weight by following a low carb vegetarian diet, I promise you. Eat the foods you enjoy, become familiar with the carbohydrates in those foods and substitute for lower carb fare whenever you can. Small changes lead to big results.

Take some “before” pictures. Measure your chest, waist, and thighs and weigh yourself. Check again in a month. You will likely see less puffiness around your face and your pants will feel looser!

But besides looking better on the outside, you will feel better all over. You will experience less inflammation in the form of achy joints, stiff hands and digestive distress and bloating.

The Low Carb Vegetarian Diet Conclusion

You won’t be compromising on taste or nutrition when you follow this way of eating. Make it a regular habit to plan your meals ahead of time so you can meet your nutritional requirements. Watch your portion sizes too. 

Remember this, protein and fat are essential for human life. Essential meaning that without them you would die in short order. There are no essential carbohydrates. Nothing bad will happen to you if you never eat another plate of pasta again. So, choose protein and fat as a priority. Enjoy non-starchy vegetables as much as you want. Tweak the diet and make it work for you.

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Enjoy the journey!

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